Manufacturing Consultancy

Strategic manufacturing improvements
We can assist our clients to realise a business vision by conducting a detailed analysis of strengths and weaknesses within the whole manufacturing process.

This service is designed to:

  • Assist in meeting the vision and direction your business
  • Accurately access the business capabilities
  • Review your client requirements
  • Analyse process flows and product streams
  • Design and develop more efficient business streams / flows

Transitional Management
A highly experienced operations manager will:

  • Support clients during difficult periods of change, rationalisation or restructuring.
  • Help consolidate multiple site operations into purpose-built units.
  • Ensure that a business is controlled during any vulnerable period.
  • Concentrate the focus of production teams to onto key processes.

Interim Management
Calling on eighteen years experience within Blue Chip organisations, our Operations Manager can be used for medium term assignments to make the key difference to maximising production performance.

Project Management
P&PMS project management services are designed to compliment the quality equipment and we provide expertise in the following project engineering areas:

  • Capital justifications ( New builds, New Process/ Technologies)
  • Engineering equipment rebuilds and refurbishment
  • Developing specifications, tendering and creative sourcing
  • Site management, control and administration.
  • Commissioning and compliance to legislation.
  • Training and development of key personnel.

Engineering & Technical Solutions
P&PMS do not simply offer good quality equipment; we provide complete Engineering or Technical solutions to meet demanding industry standards and HSE compliance.

Key areas are : Workplace &/or workflow analysis, Work balancing, full environmental study, capability analysis, design and development of new systems and upgrade of existing systems to maximise potential

Fixed Asset Management
A number of services are offered in this area, from full review of your assets, assistance in asset recording & validation to evaluation of assets along with the vital ability to realise asset value through site clearance and auction.

Staff Development & Training
Our highly experienced team can advise or co-ordinate the implementation of many training services such as:

  • Good practice in Manufacturing.
  • Operator training
  • Maintenance engineer training
  • Planned and/or routine maintenance systems
  • Manufacturing training modules
  • Manufacturing Vocational Qualifications