Project Management

Capital Justifications (New build and/or New Process/ Technologies)

Addressing the vital issue of return on capital investment, P&PMS will conduct a complete analysis of your business requirements and the service will seek to:

  • Clarify the goals and direction of the business
  • Analysis of current capabilities
  • Review customer requirements
  • Design & Develop new capability to match your clients need
  • Assist in developing a full Capital justification and investment plan

Recommendations arising from this service can vary from a minor (key) modification to a line or process, to a full factory rebuild or new build.

For examples of the type and scope of projects undertaken by the team please see case studies.

Equipment Rebuilds & Refurbishment
Utilising our network of equipment suppliers and dealers we can undertake full equipment rebuilds and refurbishment, of your existing equipment or equipment that we have sourced for you.

High uniform standards are applied to equipment refurbishment programs to ensure compliance with appropriate legislation.

Equipment Specifications, Tendering & Creative Sourcing
Specialist experience in developing accurate specifications, enable us to source the equipment necessary to meet the precise needs of our clients.

P&PMS are able to generate precise tenders that are issued to a number of highly capable suppliers and/or use our extensive network to source your requirements.

Clients using our professional services can:

  • Halve the delivery lead time of equipment ordered direct from a manufacturer.
  • Achieve production goals at considerably less cost.

On-site Project Management
Our team has managed many projects to improve the efficiency of packing systems, blending and filling lines and complete factory builds. Details of several such projects are outlined in the case studies section.

Our skills and expertise can be called upon for short or part term assignments the skills available include:

  • Sourcing and managing Principal contractors
  • Project contract strategy and planning
  • Project team structure
  • Project site management to CDM standards
  • Clients agent
  • Planning supervision
  • Project engineering
  • Project administration and controls

Engineering Solutions
To help clients meet demanding industry standards and/or achieve HSE compliance. additional services are also offered:

  • Workplace / Workflow analysis
  • Work place environmental study
  • Work balancing
  • Capability analysis
  • Design and development of new systems
  • Upgrade existing systems to maximise potential

This service also includes advice on in house maintenance schedules or recommendation to a qualified engineering service company to assist you in maintaining your equipment.

Supply, Installation, Commissioning Legislation Compliance
To fulfil our company commitment to total client satisfaction we can assist in the commissioning plant or equipment supplied by us – thus ensuring that it’s full potential is realised. This can include an independent assessment of whole or part site compliance to current legislation.

Plant & Equipment Training Systems
New legislation and the dangers of litigation, places a heavy obligation on all employers to provide adequate training to production employees.

We can undertake or co-ordinate implementation of training modules designed to promote best practice whilst achieving maximum throughput and efficiency:

  • Good Manufacturing practice
  • Equipment / Plant operator training
  • Equipment / Plant engineering training
  • Routine Maintenance systems
  • Manufacturing training systems
  • Manufacturing Vocational Qualifications